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How do I shop at Demmerche.com?

Grocery shopping has never been so fast, so convenient, or so much fun! Here's how it works:

Three Ways to Receive Your Groceries

Choose a convenient time you'd like your products delivered, or you can come pick them up from one of our four branches you chose’s during the day with a valid driver’s license or ID for identification purposes. Or you can choose our “DDS” Demmerche Delivery System for us to delivery your order to your family. The choice is up to you.

Get started by setting your delivery options.

Filling Your Cart Has Never Been Easier

In our virtual aisles, you will find the highest quality products, many from the best companies in the world! We carry everything from food staples to gourmet, organic produce, not to mention a broad selection of the home and health products you use every day.

See for yourself! Start browsing our full range of products by "walking" the aisles. Looking for something specific? You can search for it at the top of this page. And after you've shopped once, you can easily return and purchase your favorite items using your past purchases page.

No Long Lines, No Hassle

The checkout process is made easy with demmerche.com. And because you're using a Demmerche.com account, there are no forms to fill out; just a couple clicks and you're done!

Of course, you can also shop with absolute confidence that your personal information will be kept secure and private, just as you've come to expect from Demmerche.com.

Make it Yours

We're working hard to make demmerche.com your favorite place to shop for groceries and household products, but we need your help! Rant, rave, comment, or question: we want to hear it. Can't find something you really want? Be sure to let us know.

Our feedback form lets you speak your mind, and we're listening all the time. We'll respond to your comments within 48 hours.

Need immediate assistance? You can contact customer service and we'll make it better.

Qualifying for Free Delivery

As of now we're not offering any delivery services at this piont. But we're working on it to map out some locations to start a pilot delivery services soon.

There are many ways to qualify for free delivery on your order.

Demmerche.com customer recognition program, Big Kileeyan, offers additional benefits allowing customers free delivery on all offers.

Demmerche.com FAQ

1. Do I have to be home to receive my delivery?

As fo now, we're not offering any delivery services at this point. But we're working on it to map out some locations to start apilot delivery services soon.

For a regular scheduled delivery, you should be home to receive and sign for your products; however, we are offering exciting Demmerche Delivery System “DDS” with our doorstep Delivery once you choice our service with a reasonable delivery services everyday. 

2. What is Pre-Order delivery?

Pre-order delivery is an delivery option we have for our customers living abroad and planning to visting The Gambia with their families. . If you choose this option, we will hold your items you pre-order from us in The Gambia. And once you're in The Gambia, you can come pick up your groceries without any difficulties. If you are planning a trip to The Gambia, please work on your wish list of items and pre-order them before you travel to the Gambia.

3. What happens if I miss my delivery window?

If you miss your delivery slot, don't worry; one of our customer service associates will contact you to reschedule. If we can't successfully reschedule your order within 48 hours, we will return your items to our warehouse and contact you to pick up your order with proper ID.

4. How do my groceries stay fresh while they're on the trucks?

At Demmerche.com, the quality of your food is our biggest concern. We carefully control the conditions in which your products are stored, right up until the moment you receive them, so that fresh items stay low-touch.

Additionally, we work closely with our driver’s and our staff to handle your products as little as possible between when we receive them and when they reach you. This low-touch process means we are able to deliver produce and other products of unparalleled quality.

5. What is the relationship between demmerche.com and Demmarche?

Although Demmarche was founded demmerche.com, and Merche-Banjul, Merche-Bakau, Merche-Brikama, and Merche-Serekunda Demmerche.com operate as an independent grocery delivery business. We've created a new web site to showcase our fantastic products and make your buying experience easy. We use Demmerche.com data and systems to simplify your checkout process and get you shopping right away.

All of us here at demmerche.com have adopted the same spirit of service, quality, value, and innovation that you have come to expect from us. And we are working hard, every day, to exceed your expectations. Your feedback on our service is welcome, and greatly appreciated.

6. I see Items appearing on Demmerche.com that does not have a price. How does that work?

We've recently adding the capability for our customers to see some products at Demmerche.com that our customers can see and have a wider selection from which to choose. In some cases, an item may be available from demmerche.com that you may need to call to order and pricing. And but not available through Demmerche.com to buy. Such as Electronics, and other stuff. Demmerche.com items will ship directly from one of our demmerche Warehouse to you and the items will appear in your order history on Demmerche.com.

Your Demmerche shopping session will be unchanged by clicking on an demmerche.com item. All of the items previously in your shopping cart will still be there and your slot, if you've chosen one, will still be reserved for you.

7. Can I use my debit card to pay for grocery orders on demmerche.com?

Demmerche.com does accept most credit cards type payments. We gladly accept credit and debit cards.

8. What about Doorstep Delivery options? How do my items stay fresh when deliver on my doorstep?

As of now, we're not offering any delivery service. But we're working on it to start a pilot delivery services on selected location soon.

Once we're ready, all delivery will be maintain to your expectation of your products at their proper temperatures, your groceries items will be packed and maintain with a low-touch process.

9. Should I tip my driver?

As of now, we're not offering any delivery service. But we're working on it ot start a pilot delivery services for some selected locations soon.

And our policy is not to accept tips. After all, our job is to make your life easier; delivering a high-quality service should be your expectation.

10. I am unhappy with the product or service I received. What should I do?

It's very important to us that you are completely satisfied with the products you order from
Demmerche.com. If we have not met your expectations, please contact customer service. We'll do whatever it takes to make things right.

11. You don't carry a product I want!

Please let us know about the products you want. We're building our selection as fast as possible, but we really want to know what you'd like us to carry. Send us your feedback, and someone from our team will be in touch with you.

12. Where do you deliver and when will you start delivering in my neighborhood?

As of now, we're not offering any delivery service. But we're working on to start a pilot delivery services on selected locations soon.

But we'would offer home delivery to a limited number of Gambian neighborhoods in the following cities soon:
BANJUL, BAKAU, BAKOTEH, and SEREKUNDA. Including some KUMBO areas.

We would like to expand this service areas as fast as possible once we study the locations on a timely manner. Please let us know where you live and that you'd like us to deliver to your neighborhood.

13. What is Kileeyan status and what are its benefits?

Demmerche.com customer recognition program, Kileeyaan, offers special benefits and privileges to customers that choose to do the majority of their grocery shopping at Demmerche.com.

With our Big Kileeyaan status, you can use demmerche.com without the full delivery fee. After ordering certain total items. This provides you the ability to buy more from us without worrying about the delivery charge. Please contact our Customer Service for further details or email us at demmerche@gmail.com.

14. How do I get Big Kileeyan status?

To determine how much you need to spend in a given month to achieve Big Kileeyaan status, and whole sales customers. Please contact our Customers Service for futher details or email us at demmerche@gmail.com.

15. How long is Big Kileeyan status valid?

Once you attain Big Kileeyan status, it is valid until the last day of the next calendar month. For example, if you spend enough in March, you get Big Kileeyan status for the full month of April.

16. How late can I place an order and still get it the same day?

Order by your time zone at anytime and your time will be process for your love ones in the Gambia within 48 hrs of Gambian time zone.

17. How long do I have to edit my order?

You can change order-level information, such as credit card or products selection, or remove items from your check out list until processing your order.

18. Will you offer new features on your web site to help me shop?

Yes! We have many plans for our web site and other areas of our service offering, but ultimately we're building this service for you, the Demmerche.com customer. You can help by telling us what features or enhancements you'd like to see.

19. What is my driver wearing?

As of now, we're not offering any delivery services. But we're working on it ot start a pilot delivery services on selected locations soon.

Our drivers are protected from the elements, rain or shine, by Our Sportswear and our uniform with the company logo on it.

20. Product Recalls
demmerche.com handles product recalls on an individual basis. When we are notified that an item has been recalled, we stop selling the item and write to customers who have already purchased it to resolve the issue.

For various consumer product recalls:

Food & Drug Administration
Consumer Product Safety Commission

21. I have a question that you didn't answer here!

Please contact customer service or email us at demmerche@gmail.com. We'll answer your questions as early as possible.